Eating With Us

Breakfasts are not included in the Retreat weekend rates.  A full kitchen is available on the retreat level.

Dining Out

Prairie Wind is located within 15 minutes of unique and delicious dining experiences! The Winnebago Grill is located in nearby Winnebago and tastefully decorated in Winnebago School memorabilia. This cafe has a broad and traditional menu at great prices and they will deliver to our door.

Located in Amboy, six miles north of Prairie Wind, is the well known “The Cottage Cafe”. Once featured in Midwest Living, this tiny cafe, created inside an old ‘filling’ station, serves delicious entrees seasoned with home grown spices and herbs. Fresh cut flowers adorn the tables and homemade bakery goods, “just like grandmas” will keep you coming back!
Twelve miles east, in Mapleton, is the “Token Bar-B-Q” which features a host of delicious bar-b-qued entrees.

Prairie Wing B&B hosts may be available to pick up phone orders from local restaurants for a small fee.